Posted by: dougery | May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Gab Brag

Buncha stuff to touch on, all poignant and necessary, but none of which seemed worthy of an individual post so…

I have mild OCD. Particularly about having clean hands. Whenever I’ve touched money or someone else’s keyboard, I have the overwhelming urge to wash my hands with industrial solvents. Recently I considered just getting rid of my hands altogether, of chopping them off, and having incredibly sophisticated prostheses. One could unscrew the top off the index finger and voila! A pen. A bottle-cap opener in the palm of your hand, laser pointer in the pinkie, and on down the line. Oh the siren song of post-humanity.

* * *

I am a hoarder, I hoard things. I was once again reminded of this when Lara and I cleaned the apartment from stem to stern yesterday afternoon. I like small things, and I like putting a bunch of those things on shelves, etc. But it makes for a cluttered display. And makes things difficult to clean. How dare you say I don’t need all 6 different tins of mints with 6 different painted covers by James Jean! But in all seriousness this made me wonder if I wouldn’t turn out like Joe.

Joe was the guy in my hometown whose yard was a disaster and who was constantly getting summoned to court by his neighbors for unsightlying up the neighborhood. My step-dad, the town building inspector once toured his house and found it full of giant heaps of old newspapers and cats. I am assuming this referred exclusively to the newspapers and that the cats were not actually in piles. But anyway, aside from this the guy was a certifiable genius. As in worked with Einstein back at Princeton in the whatever decade that was. When asked what it was like to meet a guy like Einstein, Joe said, “At first I thought he was the Janitor.”

* * *

I want to quit the gym. I’m riding my bike again and there is no guarantee Lara and I will be around here next fall when the weather turns bad. I’m getting my exercise and I’ve never been much of a gym rat. Or even a gym shrew. And that is $42 per month that i could spending on comics and records. Or, yeah, well, saving. whatever.

* * *

Iron Man 2 was fun but non-essential. It felt very much like the saggy middle of a decent trilogy, where most of the major plot elements are merely there to advance things to a bigger crisis. I very much want Iron Man to get the chance to fight something other than a man in a large robot suit (which he has now done during the climax of each film thusfar). The special effects were a little much; speed is not something that translates well for me in film…

Listening to: Titus Andronicus The Monitor (which rocks)



  1. Hehe. You certainly are scattershot, man. But it makes for a great post. If I come home to our cats in heaps, I’ll know it’s time to get you some help.

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