Posted by: dougery | September 23, 2010

Seven September Sounds

Here is a sonic sampling of the long-players that have been keeping my turn-table, CD changer and Ipod spinning right round (baby, right round) for the month of September. One caveat the reader should be aware of: 90% of my CDs are still in boxes and inaccessible for much of the month as our move dragged on and on. As such my portable 24 CD album in the Jeep is chock full of classics and guilty pleasures, sure-fire things which wouldn’t necessarilly be in the top seven otherwise. And away we go:

07. Wild Hunt, Tallest Man on Earth: I haven’t encountered lyricsmithery this lovely since the Decemberists before they went prog (or maybe Bon iver, can’t forget about him). A summer banger of a record, making me wish the days would stretch on forever, the heat and restless nights of season, for loads of good and buckets of bad, I will never forget.

06. Turn on the Bright Lights, Interpol: Cue the artist on the list that has fallen by the critical wayside and isn’t as well regarded as they once were. The haters can suck it. This album is brilliant. I get that it is derivative of a sound perfected 15 years earlier and I don’t care. There isn’t a bad song in the lot, in fact, they all seemlessly weave together into one giant paeon to NYC and the kids who call it home be they hipsters “trying on seven faces before [they] knew which one to wear” or not. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

05. Street Horrrsing, Fuck Buttons: By far the most experimental album on this list, Horrrsing is awash in feedback and soundwaves, vocals that would feel more at home on the DOOM video game soundtrack as the Reznorian screams of undead lurking around the corner. It’s definitely not for everyone but I heart it just the same.

04. FutureSex / LoveSongs, Justin Timberlake: Yeah, I’ve listened to it this much, fucking deal with it. I think it is J-Tim’s boyish earnest love that does it for me. As hard as he wants to be some player, some sex god that all the ladies swoon over, he can’t fool me. He fell head over ass for Britney Spears (Spears, people!) and then Diaz and now whoever. Yeah, they are all celebrities and all that, but between all the Timberland basslines and hilarious white-boy beatboxing is a manchild who wants a girlfriend to sit on the couch with him and watch re-runs of Friends.

03. After the Gold Rush, Neil Young: Confession–This is the only Young album I own. Well, that’s not strictly true, as I have Harvest as well, but the CD is still in shrink wrap, purchased just before The Move. I’d consider myself fluent with music since the late 80s, but prior to this, I am embarrassingly inept. There are exceptions: Dylan, Bowie, the Stooges, etc, but my early venture into Young has been paying back wagon-loads of dividends. Gold Rush has been the perfect record to put on while watching the sun set in the Vermont mountains and wondering just how quickly autumn will arrive.

02. Aeroplane Over the Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel: Old Loves die hard. One of my favorite albums of all time has surged back into my life as I included it in the portable CD album on a whim. Every song is brilliant and sad and wonderfully weird. By this point in my life the album has fully integrated itself into my being and even though that sounds cheesy or pretentious there really isn’t a better way to explain how it makes me feel. The distortion, the horns, the goddam rocking chair and floorboards at the very end. I will always walk about with my head full of flames and be in love with the girl with flowers ’round her eyes.

01. Fang Island, Fang Island: As obscure as this band is (it doesn’t even have an AllMusic page–well, not really), it has gotten some great buzz from all the right places. Insound was all over them (they are a Rhode Island art school band in the long tradition of many of Insound’s favorites) and Pitchfork got them some much needed exposure. I came across them via a blog post from a web comic artist named Jeph Jacques. Their sound is loud and fun and happy, a triumphant collage of all those celebratory “We Did It!” moments in action movies, cartoons and video games. There aren’t many words but the guitar riffs more than make up for them, substituting a braggadoccio no human voice could provide outside of your Jaggers, Bowies and Princes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



  1. It’s “JT” (kinda like JSF). Get it right.

    And I’m with you on the Interpol. Some albums just perfectly capture a mood that it doesn’t really matter what the band has or hasn’t done since or who they’re ripping off in the process.

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