Posted by: dougery | October 19, 2010

Civilized, and How are You?

Today, at just before 9am the couch people came. Not that these were some sort of transformers-esque actual couch shaped people. No, just the delivery guys, nay, the errand boys of Big B_____ Furniture, one of the local places where one might purchase objects to sit on and stuff. Lara and I did just that, the other week, prompted by a sales tax free weekend, because who needs to pay more in tax on something than one does on a pretty swanky dinner for two?

Now getting to our farmhouse can be a bit of an adventure. I’ve already discussed how the driveway (which in this case is very much a drive at nearly a half mile long) resembles that road in the Fellowship of the Ring where Frodo, Sam and the other hobbits whose names I forget hide off to the side of whilst scary Ringwraiths gallop by. For a few minutes there, before last weekend’s Nor’easter tore through the Berkshires and stole all the pretty autumnal foliage with it, the driveway was very picturesque. The delivery boys followed it and our directions to a ‘T’ (for Terrific?) and arrived with our sleeper couch exactly when they said they would. Which breaks several fundamental laws of Nature, but so be it. We have a couch people, a friggin’ COUCH.

So long sitting on the floor! With your hardwood and your, um, not soft behind support. Hello comfy cushions and full lay-down stretchability! To think, we could actually have a guest stay over for the night, or a couple even! Assuming people would actually want to come here to the middle of nowhere, which is a considerable caveat. But I suppose we will have visitors one day, and it’s nice to give them a non-floor place to sleep.

However the day was not yet done. At a little after 1pm there drove a Subaru Outback down our dusty drive and out popped a pair of Santa’s elves, two white-haired, rosy cheeked folks with our dining room table. The true definition of Mom and Pop, it was the owners of a small furniture place up near where Lara and I summered (because we are fancy-pants people who ‘summer’ at places, or maybe just the Dispossessed who didn’t actually have a home for 3 months) where we found ourselves a cherry table with eaves and everything. Mom and Pop bicker/flirted like those (sort of?) cute older couples in movies as I helped them bring in the table.

Combine these items with Lara’ $20 lamp find from the weekend and we’re gonna make it after all. We might be making it on bread, rice, and water for the next few months, but we’re doing it people. And next week, when the Jeep’s door gets fixed we’ll be even making it more. You best watch for those Riggs/Ehrlichs. They’re on the up and up.

Reading: The Rare Coin Score by Richard Stark (on my new-ass couch!)

Hearing: Cave In Jupiter (Whilst seated on my, well, you get the idea!)

Watching: Venture Bros S2 (Again with the exclamation point!)



  1. Merry and Pippin!

    Also, you and your fancy hill people ways.

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