Posted by: dougery | October 22, 2010

Eight October Anthems

In September I wrote about seven albums that I listened to the most that month. This October, with my belated ‘discovery’ of Pandora and the successful completion of redownloading all of my old CDs back to my desktop’s iTunes, the standalone song was king. What did I learn from October? Well, for the most part is was darker and moodier which I suppose is Halloween appropriate. I reaffirmed the notion that I am a musical schizophrenic, bouncing from metal to ‘witch house’ (really, that’s a genre now) to hardcore to top40 pop. And, of course, that I just can’t quit J-Tim.

08. “Bicycle” from Memory Tapes Seek Magic (2009)

I bought this record twice and it was the first one I played on my record player last winter. The original record, bright blue, I dropped and it shattered like a plate which is too bad since it is rare enough to be selling for insane bucks these days on ebay. Lest you think I’ve strayed completely from my indie pop roots, wait until the 3 minute mark for the oohs and aahs and the guitar solo (!!). Seriously, this song rocks.

07. “Me and Guiliani Down by the Schoolyard (a True Story)” from !!! Louden Up Now (2004)

I swear the month was darker than these first songs suggest, honest. “Me and Guiliani” was one of the first songs I ever bought off iTunes and it was the perfect length to put on my headphones when I walked to lara’s apartment from my own, back when we abandoned Hyde park of Lakeview. I had even envisioned a rockin’ music video for this which, since my walk took me by the Lincoln Park Zoo’s farm, involved a variety of livestock dancing and playing the different layers, kind of a Charlotte’s Web meets the Matrix. The chickens come in at 5:34 with their doodle-doos…

06. “Falco vs the Young Canoeist” from Mclusky The Difference Between You and Me is That I’m Not on Fire (2004)

For me, these Welsh bastards fill a very specific need. Nirvana is awesome. Kurt is gone and there will be no more Nirvana songs. I want more Nirvana songs. Mclusky, while not Nirvana, are a fresh, angry, cynical shot of kickass that scratches my In Utero itch, makes me remember why I loved Nirvana so much in the first place and gives me something new. Sadly, now Mclusky, too, are no more.

05. “Cry Me a River” Justin Timberlake Justified (2002)

You don’t have to say/ What you think/ I already know…

04. “To Cross the Bridge” High on Fire Blessed Black Wings (2005)

I got the chance to see these guys ‘open’ for Mastodon and Metalocalypse which is to say I got a chance to see them blow the doors off both bands (who didn’t suck in their own right). If you are ever in Chicago (and a great many of you who read this are) go to Kuma’s Corner and get a burger. It will take a few years off your life, but it will be the best damn thing you’ve ever eaten in your life. I say this because their burgers are named after metal bands and High on Fire made the cut…

03. “Give it to Me” Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake Shock Value (2006)

I dig Nelly’s nasal seduction here, probably more than I ought to. The amazon-like thump and squeak behind it are the prize in the cereal box tho.

02. “One Pure Thought” Hot Chip Made in the Dark (2008)

Please, if Dailymotion plays a damn commercial, stick around, this song is the Bee’s Knees. Hot Chip are like a happy man’s Radiohead. Not worried about a dystopian future, no wolves at the door or paranoid androids, just beats, guitars, beautiful falsettos, and fun. Which is not to say they aren’t as weighty or ‘serious’ as radiohead, just… they don’t make me sad is all.

01. “Burnout Eyesss” oOoOO oOoOO EP (2010)

Can’t. Get. Enough. of this song. Gah! I could listen to it all dayyyyyyy.

See you next month!



  1. You do see the irony in having a High on Fire song flanked by J-money, yes?

    Also, I would recommend for November, as they are currently touring together, both the Black Angels and Black Mountain.

  2. Normally I just listen to “November Rain” 24/7 for the entire month (kind of like MTV2 played Prince’s “1999” for 24 hours on December 31st 1999) but I suppose I could make an exception.

    Do the Black Angels live on Black Mountain or just spend their holidays there?

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