Posted by: dougery | November 7, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Day Seven

One week of NaNo down, 3 to go. Now I’m aware that this is technically the ‘easiest’ of the weeks to successfully conclude. One is still buoyed on hope, one still loves words and ideas and putting them in practice. One isn’t housing vacationing Chicagoan booksellers or Giving Thanks, Black Fridaying or Cyber Mondaying. The distractions are at a minimum, but damn it, I’m successfully on pace and I’ve made it this far and that counts for something.

Today I spent much of my writing focusing on a character who I hope is endearingly hateful. While I don’t want to give too much backstory away, know that the being is an extraterrestrial from a planet not unlike our own with the Will Smithian name of ‘Earf.’ A sample sentence or two, from his narration:

“For a select segment of the Earfling population, to be obscure was to be divine. The known was unacceptable because it could be analyzed, quantified, understood by the lowly masses. Hell, somebody might form an opinion on the topic at hand and that was enough to send these pretentious assholes millions of light years into the heavens where even if they couldn’t quite touch the face of God, at least they could occasionally drop in back home and describe all of the super cool stuff they did that nobody else they knew ever would.”

Day Seven writing count: 3,011

Grand Total: 13,094

Listening to: Cut Copy In Ghost Colours


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