Posted by: dougery | January 15, 2011

The Internet is a Strange Place: Casefile #517

Yeah, that’s right. The internet is a strange place. Often times it is creepy as all get out. Once and a while a Macfarlane-esque banal. Yet mostly really really really strange. But you already knew that.

Strangeness in itself isn’t a bad thing. If it’s not strange/offputting it is often strange/remarkable. Sometimes it’s both. Exhibit #517:

The first time I watched this relatively short youtube video I was all like, “That was strange.” However it stuck with me. Something about the “song” (if you can call it that) coiled around a region of my brain and refused to depart as most innocuous things one encounters every day tend to do almost immediately. Later that day, every so often I would find myself humming the “refrain” (specifically about 56 seconds in), at this point not really even remembering what on earth it was. The next day I woke up and there it was again. As if the oddness of the remixed and editted visual image of the girl was dream-like enough to survive a night’s rest and come out the other side stronger and more compelling than before.

I watched it again.

I made L watch it too (jury’s still out on what she thought of it).

I’m not sure what else to say. It’s beguiling (to me). I want it as a ring tone. I want to have a daughter solely for the purpose of filming some silly song/scream she does and then slice it up into some avant-garde music video masterpiece (relax L, I’m mostly kidding). I want to hack into one of those huge LCD screens in Time Square or wherever and play this on a never ending loop. But most of all I want to know why I find it so mesmerizing.

Watching: Community, S1



  1. That is NOT a good reason to spawn.

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