Posted by: dougery | February 10, 2011

Very Exciting Times

I am wrapping up some preliminary work on my next project. I have hinted at it not so obliquely on this very blog. Clever readers need not look far. Needless to say I have a title (punny, but functional and hopefully catchy and memorable which i will not include here because I will likely be buying the domain name shortly), some characters (three), and 16 scripts. Enough scripts for 3 weeks of M-F postings or more than a month if I decide I want to post M-W-F instead.

I’m very excited about this but don’t want to divulge more. Character development tomorrow. Postings maybe as soon as next week. Things are falling into place.

listening to: Cut Copy In Ghost Colours


  1. Oh, exciting! I can’t wait to see it develop. Also, where is that picture from? I want to go to there.

  2. !!!

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