Posted by: dougery | April 11, 2011

Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Every time L and I drive up to her folks ski place (i.e. the place we lived from JUL ’10 – SEPT ’10) we pass by a real dive-y looking restaurant (if restaurants can be described as ‘dives’ this one certainly would). It is kind of a series of shacks all cantilevering onto each other like the first 6 or so cards wobble together when you first start building a house of cards. The parking lot is a giant sink hole with gravel lining the edges like the thousands of tiny teeth of the universe’s smallest and least scariest Sarlaac pit. Also there is a broken down chair-lift hung out front. You know, for class.

Yet by far the most interesting feature of the place is its name / sign:

T.C.’s Pasta Steak Fish Chicken and Pizza.

Brilliant. But so many questions!

a) So… T.C., striving for brevity are we? Just not enough space for your full name? (I’d like to think the ‘T.C.’ doesn’t stand for a name at all but “Top Cuality,” or something genius like that). I’m fine with initials. So why include half the menu afterward?
b) Perhaps that is the whole menu. Maybe this is the truest advertising ever conceived. If so…
c) I hope that the dishes on the menu actually read as promised. As in you can order ‘Pasta’ with absolutely no description as to what kind or with which sauce. Same with the fish. And pizza.
d) And how did these five items make the cut? Quesadillas too hard to spell? Chops lack enough zest? Donuts too ethnic? Can you at least get a beer to wash everything down?

I am sorry to say I will never find the answers to these questions because even under the most dire of circumstances (L & I on our way back home from our honeymoon spent a night in VT during the off-season when nearly every single restaurant was closed except T.C.’s Pasta Steak Fish Chicken and Pizza) and a casual glance in the window was enough of a dissuasion. Mostly because it was full of poor people. And they look funny and smell bad. We chose to go home and eat Beefaroni out of a can warmed on the stove instead. You know, all lower-middle class-like.

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  1. No way, man. You HAVE to go to it. The diviest places are invariably the best places ever. When we were in New Orleans, we struck up a deal with a bartender where we would help her close the bar and she would take us someplace awesome. We ended up at the Jake n Snake Christmas lounge, where some ladies got kicked out of the bar for “sparkling” (the bartender leaned over to me and asked, “Should I tell those girls they’re not allowed to sparkle in my bar?”)and another dude got kicked out for smoking crack in the bathroom. You just don’t get experiences like that at TGI Fridays.

  2. yeah but see, what you describe has cool written all over it. what I have seen just looked bad. In fact, I should probably write some “defense of things sucking” blog post since it seems like everywhere I turn there are people championing things they should not be and doing so for the wrong reasons.

    I read an article the other day, the kind of ‘What is Literature?’ dreck that must be composed purely to make me angry. The author cited some harvard douche and then some Yale asshole about the topic and then brought Stephen King into the mix, you know, to show how anti-literary they were (as if ragging on Ulysses and The Man Without Qualities hadn’t already driven the point into the ground). Their conclusion:

    Literature is entertainment / writing you enjoy enough to read again.

    Um, no its not!

    At least that isn’t the whole thing, not by a long shot. There are TONS of books I’ve loved that I will never read again and ones that were definitely hard work and NOT entertainment.

    I’m just getting tired of this reverse-snobbishness which feels to me just as annoying as political correctness.

  3. I can’t champion this dining establishment, having never seen it, but I do feel like you have to be willing to brave the bad in order to discover the hidden awesome. This philosophy does not really extend to literature in my mind.

  4. PS – 3.5 outta 5 isn’t THAT bad :

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