Posted by: dougery | May 2, 2011

Brush Work.

This weekend featured some of the finest weather so far this Spring. It was sunny and cool and dry, perfect for yard-work. It is hard to think that only a week ago, over Easter weekend, we had snowfall, the green grass flecked with patches of white well into the afternoon.

Yesterday I spent most of the day clearing brush and leaves and other flora malcontents and ne’er-do-wells from beneath the boughs of several gigantic lilac bushes (trees?) just west of our front door. Its hard to properly classify a lilac, it is one of the strangest plants I can think of. It is more of a hydra than anything else, with several large trunks (the larger they are the more likely they are dead and rotting) with hundreds of young shafts shooting up out of the ground around the dead looking bits. The configuration makes for difficulty in cleaning up the brush because leaves and weeds are sheltered in the many pockets between the new and old branches.

It took most of the day to clear things out. I found all manner of things. Two full (capped) beer bottles of indeterminate brand (I’m thinking Bud or Labatt’s, they had blue-ish label remnants) a deflated birthday balloon featuring a mud flecked rabbit, several strands of Christmas lights that went to nowhere, some of which were old enough to have become subsumed by the ‘bark’ of the tree/bush/hydra, a few bricks, a slate shingle.

There were about 6 large wheelbarrow loads of brush and leaves and pine-cones and a lot of sweat. Largely because the brush pile was down a raveen located up a long sloping hill about 300 yards away. Dragging the overfull barrow up the incline and trying not to spill anything was deeply frustrating but the area now looks much better, just in time for folks to see next weekend for L’s 30th Birthday party.

I didn’t escape the work unscathed however. The early May sun was already strong enough to fry the tops of my ears and a swath of my lower back that my shirt didn’t quite cover while I stooped about raking and shearing. This and just above the waistband of my jeans something scored a direct hit to my flank. I have a large and ugly looking bite (sting?) that itches like crazy and developed overnight. Seriously, somebody was very pissed I dug up its home or perhaps just really hungry after long, cold winter. Either way mission accomplished, Bug. I’d post a picture but I’d hate for anyone to assume this blog has transformed into a hideous photo parade. Instead, have a look at yet another cute kitten. Aw:


  1. You did good, man. And I like those kittens.

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