Posted by: dougery | May 4, 2011

The Levelers

I was going to use this space to declare a holy war against the Blue Jay who sets up shop every morning in the lilac right outside my bedroom window and then proceeds to bellow over and over and over again at a volume that seems fundamentally unsupportable via simple physics and sound mechanics (seriously, if humans could shout at such a volume proportionate to their own size I would have no problem leveling cities in a sonic blast a la Black Bolt) but who wants to read about a dumb bird anyway. Especially one used as the mascot of some dumb Canadian (51st United State) baseball team.

Instead, because of a wordpress comment lately received, I shall talk about a different baseball team. A certain Tribe. Out of the Cleve. The one with the offensive logo (if you are one of them thin-skinned politically correct types). Because something interesting is happening on the North Coast. The kids are winning. And since I am superstitious about sports (and sports alone) I figure I jinx them enough times then all of the jinxes will cancel each other out. And I cannot jinx them more by singing their praises. Because if they are going to crash and burn I want it to be because of me. Also, I haven’t been able to crow about a favorite sports team since like, the last time the Tribe were any good (and went on to lose the ALCS to a particular Sawx team that might be more evil than any Yankee incarnation of the past decade. Might).

You know how many teams other than the 2011 Indians have 20 wins?


You know how many teams have more quality starts than the Indians 21? (Thats when a SP goes at least 6 IP while surrendering no more than 3 runs).


From there the categories get slightly less impressive. Only a handful of teams are putting up better numbers in all sorts of areas, from runs scored, to BAA, from runs allowed to OBP. All this means is that Cleveland is putting a hurt on its opponents. As a young club, wins are contagious. The contagion spreads and confidence grows and soon winning streaks form. Each night the tribe finds new ways to wins, from walk off grand slams to squeeze bunts, from lights out BP work to slowly wearing down opposing pitchers until they make that one mistake (and one, these days, is all there needs to be).

This is a fun team to watch, even if all the experts have been churning out the ‘unsustainable’ articles for weeks now. Funny thing is, the Tribe keeps winning. An 8 game streak. Another 7 game streak. 13 in a row at home. Silly numbers. yes, unsustainable. But you know what? Eventually, even mediocre play tacked on to such a hot start will equal a post season bid. Here’s hoping anyways.

Go Tribe!



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