Posted by: dougery | June 8, 2011

The Circus Boy and Summer Love

On the eve of my birthday my wife and I had two choices. We could either drive up to Cricket Creek Farm and buy some filet mignon (my annual birthday meal) so that the steaks would have time to thaw and eat on my actual birthday OR we could go home because it had been a long week and we were both broke ass tired. Turns out broke ass tired always wins every time, especially when one knows that your birthday feast will simply be pushed back a day or two. Patience, grasshopper, or something.

So on my birthday we were left with the choice of what to do for dinner. As so often happens when I am asked this question, my answer was “Chicken Wings and Beer.” Cold, delicious beer. And with a paltry few entries on my Old Forge Beer Card we ended up at the tavern that evening.

First up was Magic hat’s Circus Boy.

This is the first beer that I’ve added to my card that I’ve tasted before. What can I say, I was hungry, hot, tired and thirsty and I might have choked under the pressure of 300+ beer list. However Magic Hat is something of a wonderful known quantity. Nearly their entire selection (or at least the many styles I’ve tasted) are excellent. Their wheat beer entry is no different, and the perfect thing to take the bite off of hot wings.

Next up came Victory brewing’s Summer Love

Which I guess is kind of new? Victory has some great IPAs and other pale ales and while this offering was miles ahead of the standard fare you’ll find in many bars, it was nothing special. Or maybe its just because there was a hole forming in my tongue from the wings and all of my tastebuds had packed their bags and gone on strike for better working conditions. Good luck with that, buds.

They needn’t have packed their bags with too much however as the filets followed on Saturday (AND Sunday). Turns out a fantastic cut of steak is much cheaper when you buy it from the place where the other still living cows moo at you as you walk up and chickens scatter as you drive away. Also, their maple oat bread was kind of impossible to stop eating. We were lucky there was some left in the bag by the time we got home.

Reading: Shame by Salman Rushdie

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