Posted by: dougery | March 9, 2012

Form and Genre Challenge: Twitfic

Gimme limitations, yo!

That should be some creative-type’s rallying cry. Not mine per se, but somebody’s. If my countless hours spent watching fashion and cooking reality television shows has taught me one thing it is this: The more severe the limitation, the more outstanding the result. At least, if one is clever enough.

I’d hazard to say I’m not that clever by half. But a challenge is a challenge.

This week: Twitter Fiction.

Telling a story in 140 characters is daunting. Assuming a story has to have some kind of beginning state, then have something happen, and end in some different state of affairs. Well, something like that anyhow. Some kind of flow. Maybe even a conflict is resolved.

And no cheating either. No ‘&’s for ands, not textesian ‘ur’ for ‘your’ or that hacker speak where vowels get sphnd frm ll th wrds. This week will be one of the few where I have written several entries and will need to decide which one fulfills the promise of the format the best. Still haven’t picked one. So you don’t even get a title from me on this weeks’ FGC 2012 trailer. But I will ask you to go back and re-read the last two paragraphs of this post in the Big Hollywood Trailer Voiceover Guy voice. You’ll be glad you did.

Reading: (That’s right, World. You win. I caved and am reading) The Hunger Games by Rich Lady McBuckets O’Cash



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