Posted by: dougery | December 27, 2012

2012: My Year in Music (Part 3 of 3)


Here’s the final chapter of my year in music review-ish-esque piece. If you want to start from part one, here you go. Part 2 is here. This segment begins in September and plows on through an incredibly deep October (the year’s finest month, output-wise) and trails off in November. There are a few bands I wanted to include here, in particular Crystal Castles and Converge but I haven’t spent nearly enough time with those records and unlike some music crickets (chirp chirp) out there, I’m loathe to put anything on a best-of without really digging in.

[September 18, 2012]

How To Dress Well Total Loss [Acephale]

The year’s  most sincere, sexiest album of love and devotion in this author’s humble opinion. Yes, I know I’m an R&B poser. I don’t know shit about the genre. I haven’t kept up with it over the years and I’m well aware there are many many folks could school me in how R&B has had a thriving underground scene in the decades before a few breakthrough artists started popping up on P4k. So yeah, I can’t really discuss how Total Loss is a reinvention of anything or a singular achievement. What I can say is that it fantastic.

[October 9, 2012]

Tame Impala Lonerism [Modular]

At least one eagerly awaited pop cultural import follow-up from the southwestern pacific didn’t suck this year (Hobbit burn!). Truth be told I still like Innerspeaker loads better, but there is lots to like on Lonerism.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! [Constellation]

Yeah, that’s the whole fucking album above. There’s really no such thing as a Godspeed ‘song’ anyway. There is no band like this one. Everything they’ve done just kills. And you can pair it with all sorts of things to meancing effect. American Nightmare, a 2000 doc on horror films from the 60s/70s has a Godspeed ‘soundtrack’. I still mumble the opening monologue from “Dead Flag Blues” and look around for a former co-worker, who would jump in and keep it going whenever we played it at the store. Good Times.


Like most sensible people, I loved the Men’s 2011 Leave Home. And while their 2012 effort Open Your Heart is pretty great, the proper follow-up wasn’t even made by the Men, but by METZ. Their self-titled debut howls with the same kind of swarming sound that Leave Home did. This, alongside Cloud Nothing’s Attack on Memory made for a lot of great raucous music in ’12. Music critics may be all over the Japandroids for keeping rock’n’roll ‘fun’ (whatever that means) and making an album entirely composed of the best riffs of guitar rock [which is a) not true and b) nothing the Japandroids will ever make can top the sheer pleasure of Fang Island’s S/T] but for me, I’ll trade the ‘fun’ for the noise every day of the week.

Daphni Jiaolong [Merge]

When one can’t Caribou, one simply endures. And failing that, there’s Daphni, Dan Snaith’s dancier (uh, I guess? I mean Swim is plenty dancy too, right?) outfit. Dan said some less than flattering things about the state of pop/dance/electronic music which is regrettable, mostly because there is a ton of fun stuff out there, from TNGHT to Saint Etienne to Blawan’s creeptastic/awesome “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage.” yet if it gets him out there making music like this, well, grumble on my friend.

[November 12, 2012]

The Weeknd Trilogy [XO]

This one is totally cheating. The Weeknd’s “Trilogy” has been out for a long time. He released it’s three component parts over the course of 2011 so you’re right, it’s a little odd for me to include it here. But hey, it’s official you-can-spend-cash-and-buy-this release wasn’t until late 2012 and people should be shelling out for this. “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls” is one of my favorite songs of the last 10 years.

This is. A Happy House. We’re Happy here. Oh this is fun.



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