Welcome to my own private corner of the internet. When I’m not masquerading as a novelist I am assisting sales and administrating social media at a publisher in the Berkshires. My wife is the writer you should be following.

Here you’ll find excerpts of my work in progress and (yet another) blog. But this one’s good, I promise. The novel? It’s getting there…

finding jackie

celebrity, biography, feminism, feelings


the greatest comic strip on earth... literally

taken by sound.

New music reviews and interviews from a music nerd, finding, reviewing and interviewing the best new and undiscovered music that Earth has to offer.

A year of reading the world

196 countries, countless stories...


Two brothers expatiate [wander intellectually without restraint]

Me Blog Write Good

An episode-by-episode retrospective of a truly cromulent show

Raging Biblio-holism

The overwhelming urge to collect, consume, and consider books

Austin H. Gilkeson

Fiction & Essays

douglas e riggs

reflections from a house on fire

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